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Why Should Your Clinic Get Involved?

Interested in getting your veterinary practice involved in sustainability and reducing plastic waste within your clinic? Have no fear, you have come to the right place!

As founder of the Love Our Oceans Project (LOOP), Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) Jocelyn dreams of an industry standard where all veterinary practices ensure plastic reduction / reuse is the norm within their clinics. By joining the LOOP Project, we are one step closer to seeing that dream come true.

There are a number of reasons to transitioning your practice to a more environmentally conscious business:

Improve Cost Effectiveness

Yes! You read that right! As a business, you can reduce costs by implementing the LOOP Project’s pill vial recycling program with your clients, and transitioning to a weight-based control audit method.

  • having clients participate in recycling / re-use means decreasing your pill vial orders, therefore saving your clinic on costs
  • transitioning to a weight based method means your practice will discontinue drawing up liquid control substances for auditing purposes completely – think of how many needle / syringe boxes you will save!

Increase Staff Efficiency

Neat and complete! Transitioning to a weight based liquid control audit method significantly decreases time spent auditing. For example, prior to implementing the weight based method, RVTs typically must complete audits alongside 1-2 other colleagues, sometimes taking more than 1 hour a month to finish. If you implement the LOOP Project’s weight based method, all you need to do is weigh the medication and have a second staff member there to confirm / sign off. This will save your staff time, and allow them to complete other tasks in hospital. Efficiency, vet industry friends! We are all about efficiency!

Enhance Client Satisfaction

Providing your clients with incentives (e.g. discounts on dispensing fees) to participate in sustainable practices not only benefits the hospital, but provides additional client satisfaction. We all like to be appreciated, and incentives are a great way to connect with your clients and show them a little ‘thank you!’ for going green. Your clients in turn will be more willing to recommend your practice to family and friends with furried love ones. We’re all for happy clients and happy pets at LOOP!

Evolve the Veterinary Industry & Change Our World for the Better

We work in a science based industry that is continually evolving, and with this comes the way we practice veterinary medicine and run our clinics. Introducing more sustainable practices can have a huge impact on our industry, and the environment. By doing this, we will be advocating for species in the wild as much as we advocate for our own domestic species.

Join Us!

If you are looking to get your practice involved with the Love Our Oceans Project, please see Clinic Sign-Up to begin your adventure to a more sustainable veterinary practice and help us make waves of change.